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    Here are your regular movies, the first to hit the screen no sequels so you dont really know too much about it till' ya read it now do ya'?  But check it out it might be something in here you like it might not but the Sequels page is a must see.



Kiss of The Dragon

Starring Jet Li, Bridget Fonda, Jean Reno, Tcheky Karyo

Action, Martial Arts

July 6, 2001

Producer Luc Besson penned this film especially for martial arts expert Jet Li, who plays a Chinese cop sent to Europe to help French policemen nab a big-time drug dealer.

Enemy At The Gates

Starring Jude Law, Ed Harris, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Ron Perlman

Drama, War

March 16, 2001

Based on a true World War II story, Enemy at the Gates stars Jude Law as Russian sniper Vassili Zaitsev, who is killing dozens of Nazi soldiers in the ruined city of Stalingrad. In response, the Germans dispatch their top shot, Major Konig (Ed Harris), to exterminate Vassili. And that's when the action heats up, as director Jean-Jacques Annaud (Seven Years in Tibet) concocts a twisty duel to the death between two ace hunters.


Gangs of New York

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Liam Neeson, Cameron Diaz, Pete Postlethwaite, Henry Thomas, Brendan Gleeson, John C. Reilly, Jim Broadbent


Based on a non-fiction book first printed in 1928, this sweeping tale follows the rise of Irish and Italian gangsters in New York, beginning in the Tammany Hall era and moving towards the 20th century. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the son of a murdered gangleader who swears vengeance upon the man who killed his father.


The Mexican

Starring Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Gandolfini, Sherman Augustus, Bob Balaban, Michael Cerveris

Crime, Comdey

Release Day: March 2, 2001

A bungling gangster (Brad Pitt), pressured by his girlfriend (Julia Roberts) to go straight, is given one final job by his mob boss: He's got to nab a cursed antique pistol known as "The Mexican."



Starring Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law, Frances O'Connor, Robin Williams (narrator), Sam Robards, Kathryn Morris, Brendan Gleeson, Jake Thomas, Clara Bellar, William Hurt

Drama, Science Fiction

Release Day: June 29, 2001

The film that might have been Stanley Kubrick's next project is now Steven Spielberg's next project. Set in a futuristic world flooded by melted polar ice caps, A.I. depicts a society largely dependent on computers and robots ("A.I." stands for "artifical intelligence"). But at its heart, it's a latter-day Pinocchio tale about a little boy robot (Haley Joel Osment) who's designed to serve as a surrogate son but wants to be the real thing. The big question on cinephiles' minds: Which will prevail, Kubrick's cool cerebral irony or Spielberg's warm sentimental streak? Or is there room for both?



Tomb Raider

Starring Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, Iain Glen, Leslie Phillips, Jon Voight

Action, Adventure

Release Day: June 15, 2001

Basically like the video game, a combination of all.  Tomb Raider:  The Chronicles should pretty much be the whole movie but you can be guaranteed that you will enjoy this movie if you like Tomb Raider.



Final Fantasy The Spirits Within

Starring Ming-Na Wen, Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Peri Gilpin, Ving Rhames, Donald Sutherland

Science Fiction, Animated

Release Day: July 13, 2001

Though the movie is based on the popular video game series created by Square Soft, it reportedly will not feature characters or storylines from any of the games. What is known is the plot follows the adventures of our heroine, Aki, and centers around an alien race that invades Earth in the year 2065 with a plan to take over the planet. The movie is destined to raise the standard by which all animation will be judged by using revolutionary technology that will bring the "virtual actors" (computer generated characters with life-like skin colors, textures and facial expression) to life.



And other movies:


    Alright coming soon the theaters or atleast what seems interesting is called "The Million Dollar Motel" which stars Mel Gibson. This movie is pretty much guaranteed to be a non stop action movie as in a thriller, comedy, and romance. It takes place in a hotel inhabited by mental outpatients in the year 2030. Mel Gibson plays a detective investigating a possible murder and sorry to say that is all the information we have on that movie. But we can say that it will hit theaters February 2, is rated (R) and is a Lions Gate Films Release.

    I'm sure all of us teenagers who dont mind getting back to our childhood roots and watching cartoons have all at one time or another watched the cartoon: Recess. Well its first movie is a Buena Vista Release and is due to hit theaters February 16. This movie will be the childhood version of Tom Greens "Roadtrip" and is pretty sure to highly satisfy young children and teenage children. The name of the movie is "Recess: Schools Out."

    Spider Man the movie is due to hit theatres May 3 of 2002. It has the same storyline of the television program but this is a real life movie with real people. Seems like its going to be a cornball because some things should be left to paper and ink...