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   Yo, what up!  Music is perhaps one of the most influential aspects of daily life, which targets all age groups from the very age you can understand it to your elderlyhood.  Since music is everywhere in our lives we decided to bring it to the web, and be yall #1 source of all the latest gossip in the Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, and Pop game.  While we are Detroit based we do aim to get Detroit's attention but we want to reach people in other cities like ourselves to gain a more understanding of what's poppin'.

    Music touches everything in our lives, it changes our mood, shapes our personalities, and brings the world around us closer.  You must admit that even if you dont listen to those "alternative" musci stations you was feelin' that N*sync "Bye Bye Bye."  And even white folks is feelin' Outkast's "Stankonia."  You can rup up in the club and see every ethnicity havin' a good time and vibin' to the same music.  Right here yall, we gone' bring it all together and entertain yall with everything we can...

     But now, we need your help.  We need you, to tell us, how this site could be better, we want to grow, expand, and better serve our public.  Voice your opinion by contacting our #1 Webmaster Robert a.k.a. R.L. or if you want to be a featured model also send your pic to Robert.  After you send your stuff to him, he'll make sure that it gets on, soon.  But please remember that when you send your mail to him, relate the subject to the site, something like "The 'D' Critique" otherwise your mail will be deleted.  There are contact links below and dont be afraid to tell us how you feel!  God Bless yall, and Live It To The Fullest!

      And yo, on another subject I want to get the people involved with this site.  We've got a lot of hits but there is no communication.   So what we want is for everybody to send their mail to Robert, and if this works how we want it we'll create a page just for you all responses.  But, if you do decide to send em' a mail be sure to include your alias, subject, and content, and please title your mail related to the site.  So if you do the title of your mail should be something like "The 'D' Critique" or "Critique Contents" otherwise your mail will be deleted and you'll be all sad faced.  Sorry to say.  And if you wanna be model of the week, yes send it to Robert, and he'll make sure he gets it on as soon as he can most likely if you send it Tuesday 2, it'll be on Wednesday or Thursday so he's reliable. 

    And you check it, ladies can tell us what they like the guys to wear and vise versa, you know we want to know yall, not ourselves.

    It's a new millenium yall, remember, Live It To The Fullest!

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