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The Critique

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   Wouldn't you say its about time they leave him alone.  I mean its been over a year since his conviction and they just wont leave him alone, and its for the money.  If it was me they'd be done let me go by now but not DMX, just tryin' to squeeze some money out of em'.  I respect him for not paying but they should really just drop it.  All of this junk, and its getting too high in the court system for such a minor infraction.  It Cause We Black!

    Guilty until Proven Innocent is on The Dynasty Roc La Familia, and its a pretty tight song.  I truely dont believe that J stabbed somebody, he look funny but not that skeetchy to stab somebody at a upper class party.  This song isn't even a hit but he's doing this to definately send a message out to the courts, what that message is... we wont know until the video is complete.  Even though the song may send one message, the visuals might be different so dont make assumptions, but he's definatley sending a message.  ITS CAUSE WE BLACK!

    Okay, off the bat let me just say the Board of Directors for Honda, are IDIOTS.  First off, their mechanics might be off, but after disapproving so many times they'll just flop through a crappy design and everybody who rides in it will DIE.   Or what if they are justproducing one of these cars?  THATS A WASTE OF MONEY!   Okay, okay, a lot of people might want it but for what, I mean high mileage, its unique but ugly, and people who dont know its the car designed by Blink 182 will laugh hysterically at you.  And it'll probably STINK, so for what? 

    Napster is going to put on a condom. If you think I'm taking it a bit overboard or whatever I'm not, that's exactly what it is... in a sense.  You would rip a song onto your Napster file.  Then, when someone tries to download this song, while its downloading something else will download with it restricting your access.   You probably wont be able to put it on a portable mp3 player, or burn it onto a CD.   It'll pretty much stay on your computer.  But that's just what I think, were not sure if that is in fact what Napster plans to do.  But thank goodness that songs wont be restricted and you have to pay for it, that's absurd (I'm using big words now).   But Napster will still be the same good old Napster its always been, only now using protection.

    That driver and probably a couple of buddies set that up, I believe.   Think about it, Puffy had a falling out with somebody in the club, who supposedly threw thousands of dollars in Combs face.  I dont care who you are and how much money you make or how ignorant you may be, you dont throw car notes at people, you just dont.   So either he is a dumb baller or he got a lot of money coming in.  He's not a big star just popular so its gotta be illegal.  And the driver, if you were working for Bill Gates and noticed he had all super slick floor, wouldn't you break your ankle and say you did it at his house and sue him?  Yes you would, to get money, that's what the drivers doing.  The courts just dont want to believe that because they want to put away this rich, powerful, black man who's worldwide, whereas they only just got popular recently and are hardly millionaires.  But anyway...



But for now peeps this is Robert bringin' you The 'D' Critique, Live It To The Fullest!!!



    And fella's lets dress nice for our ladies.  That thugged out style is dragged out, Guess alfits are out.  Now lets dress casual but not to the point where we look all thuggish you know, keep it smooth.  Now what would go nice is a Polo PolarFleece Zip Up Jacket  with some carpenter jeans (around the waist).   Under the jacket you could maybe wear a nice cashmere turtleneck or just a plain white shirt.  But if you do wear a white shirt wear a V neck.  That's todays alfit of the week for the fellas.  And while you paying over $140-150 for a Guess alfit, that whole alfit I just gave you will put you around $100-120, all Polo.  So be smart.

    And ladies you can you can represent yo thang you know what I'm sayin'.  Your alfit of the week is also Polo.  You might wanna try a Womens Stretch Denim Jacket and Shorts.    Or you know if you dont like that you might wanna try a Crosshatch Jean and Jacket.  But thats only for the ones with the great physique, otherwise you aint go no business wearin' that.  Both of those are guaranteed to get you a man.  The Crosshatch alfit will put you dont for about $80 and the Stretch Denim Jacket and Shorts will put you down for about $75.  And to add to the Stretch Denim alfit, you would wear a black bikini with that.  It'll be tight, guaranteed to get you a man especially if you come around me, and it cost half as much as Guess.



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