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The Squad





The Critique

Model of the Week


The Squad


Brian, b.k.a. B.J.

    As a teen growing up in Detroit, I can't help but to concentrate on fashion, girls, music, social life, etc. By me seeing this everday, I'm bringing the sweetest R&B/Dance music and keeping you in touch with the latest styles and fashions (including photos).

Robert, b.k.a. R.L.

    What up.  I'm probably the wilder one so if you see something stupid or outrageous it's most likely my doing.  I'll be doing the news articles and things of that sort.  And yo, we would Love to hear from yall so hit us up!


    So, you've read a brief summary of all of us and what we'll be bringing to the site.  There are pictures of us which will be available at a later date and for now we hope you've enjoyed what we've created.  Much much more will be brought to the site and we would appreciate your return. 

God Bless you and stay cool!