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    Alright if you dont know what a sequel is I suggest you get a dictionary and look it up and conecentrate on your English skills.  Here your going to check out the latest sequels all which I think will be major hits in the box office.


Matrix 2 is also going to hit theatres. It is due to hit Christmas 2002 and has quit a unfolding of plots. It is suggested that in the movie the clan of saviours will visit the underground base and last surviving city Zion. The revelation that Trinity is not human but an agent and that there is a Matrix within a Matrix... Interesting.


Rush Hour 2 is to hit August 3. It picks up where the movie left off with the same people from the original (how else could it)? Well anyway upon their arrival in Hong Kong they discover a dirty dozen who plot to steal the Chinese Artifacts and sell them in the United States for a huge payoff.


Scary Movie is back for its second run. The sequel as of yet has no storyline or plot but is guaranteed to be a no holds raunch-fest just as its original. It is due to hit theatres July 4, and its completely done by the Wayans Bros.


Jurassic Park III is due to hit theaters July 18. Will the second sequel was inevitable as to what the story line will be about is uncertain. One idea they are all leaning toward is a whord of dino's break free of the park and rampage about the Earth. Steven Spielberg will not direct but only co produce and the role of stars has not yet been announced. Do You Smell Boo Boo?

I know you remember that movie The Mummy, well it's back... atleast the sequel. In this the two stars or survivors get married and have a child. The remains of the destroyed pharoah which are stored in a London museum are somehow revived and the resurrected mummy sets his eyes on the young boy. This movie is due to hit May 11.


Dr. DoLittle 2

Starring Eddie Murphy, Raven Symone, Lil' Zane, Kevin Pollack, Kristen Wilson, Kyla Pratt, Voices: Steve Zahn, Norm MacDonald, Lisa Kudrow, Michael Rapaport, Molly Shannon

Comedy, Children’s

June 8, 2001

Eddie Murphy is back as Doctor Dolittle, the MD with the special ability to talk with animals. The first Doctor Dolittle, based on the book by Hugh Lofting, was made in 1967, but it was Murphy's version in 1998 that made a bundle at the box office and prompted a sequel. A plot hasn't been revealed, but expect more fun from those providing the animals' voices, as well as more silliness from Murphy.


Also for all of you science fiction buffs out there Star Wars Episode II is near completion and about to be released, unfortunately the date was disclosed and that information is not available. It is to take place 10 years after Episode I said George Lucas who did not comment too much on the movie. However Samuel L. Jackson said:

"It's adventurous, it's romantic, it's exciting, it's scary, it's all those things. And I get some very cool saber fights." He adds, "We saw in the first one that Luke was pretty much the only Jedi left [and] the Jedi were pretty much wiped out. So this one is setting all that up. Plus, the Clone Wars are about to begin."