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The Critique

Model of the Week


The Squad


Moulds Stays With Buffalo

    The Buffalo Bills have retained their most valuable player, resigning Eric Moulds to a long-term deal.  Eric Moulds is considered a high powered weapon for the Bills and for that a reason to keep him.  Setting a team record with 94 interceptions, and completing 1,326 recieving yards this past season Moulds finished fourth.  Eric Moulds was also named to the Pro Bowl, this time as a starter for the AFC squad.

Seahawks Name Zorn Quarterbacks Coach

   The Seattle Seahawks announced on Friday Jim Zorn would be the Quarterbacks Coach, this was announced by Executive Vice President Mike Holmgern.   After three years with the Detroit Lions, Jim Zorn was instruemental in the development of quarterback Charlie Batch, in 1998 Batch's average was 88.3 which was the leagues fourth highest rookie rating. 


M. McCrary, BAL 4.0
M. Strahan, NYG 3.0
P. Boulware, BAL 2.0
J. Sharper, BAL 2.0
H. Douglas, PHI 2.0
J. Armstead, NYG 1.5
C. Griffin, NYG 1.5
R. Burnett, BAL 1.0
R. Coleman, OAK 1.0
J. Fisk, TEN 1.0
H. Ford, TEN 1.0
R. Godfrey, TEN 1.0
B. Jenkins, DEN 1.0
E. Johnson, IND 1.0
R. Jones, MIA 1.0
S. Adams, BAL 1.0
T. Armstrong, MIA 1.0
L. Bromell, MIA 1.0
T. Bryant, OAK 1.0
D. Russell, OAK 1.0
M. Tanuvasa, DEN 1.0
W. Thomas, OAK 1.0
M. Barrow, NYG 1.0
J. Burrough, MIN 1.0
M. Caldwell, PHI 1.0
R. Hale, NYG 1.0
L. Little, STL 1.0
K. Mitchell, NO 1.0
B. Paup, MIN 1.0
J. Randle, MIN 1.0
H. Thomas, PHI 1.0
J. Trotter, PHI 1.0
S. White, TB 1.0
W. Whitehead, NO 1.0
S. Williams, NYG 1.0
G. Wistrom, STL 1.0
J. Belser, IND .5
B. Whittington, IND .5
K. Hamilton, NYG .5
E. McDaniel, NYG .5
A. Singleton, TB .5
N. Webster, TB .5
K. Bulluck, TEN .0
K. Burns, DEN .0
J. Burris, IND .0
D. Carswell, DEN .0
B. Chamberlain, DEN .0
L. Chester, IND .0
D. Clark, DEN .0
G. Coghill, DEN .0
C. Coleman, TEN .0